Tips for Online and Mobile Security

We care about your financial security and well-being

To ensure your online and financial safety, here are a few tips:

  1. Any time you are finished using online banking, whether at home or on a public computer, you should logout.
  2. No matter how enticing it may seem, never share your passwords. You should never send your password(s) electronically over the unprotected internet, such as via email or unsecure websites.
  3. Use passphrases. The longer your password, the better. Long passwords are harder for hackers to figure out.
  4. Change your passwords routinely. We recommend updating your passwords several times each year.
  5. Be wary of suspicious texts and emails. These attacks will try to trick you into revealing private information, such as Social Security numbers, credit account numbers, personal identification numbers (PINs), and passwords. The best strategy is to not respond and give Kitsap Credit Union a call. We will never call you for personal information over the phone, through text, or by e-mail.