Send and Receive Payments the Easy Way

Our real-time online payment acceptance solutions free you up to spend more time running your business, and less time handling banking tasks. Transactions can be completed efficiently from your office, giving you the convenience and flexibility, you need.

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Autobooks makes it easier than ever for your business to get paid and manage your finances – access it today inside business online banking and mobile app.

Autobooks features:

  • Send invoices and accept payments for your business right inside your bank account.
  • Accept credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfer payments (ACH).
  • Easily track customer payments and automate payment reminders.

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ACH Origination

Now your business can quickly and easily process both deposits and withdrawals electronically. It's a great solution for collecting recurring payments (like gym memberships, daycare or school tuition, church donations, HOA dues, rent payments, etc.) as well as one-time payments.

ACH Origination uses:
  • Paying employees and vendors.
  • Collecting accounts receivable.

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Wire transfers

When your business needs to transfer money quickly and securely, a wire transfer may be the best solution. It's much faster than mailing a check and it's easy to verify when funds have been collected and deposited. That makes it especially useful when sending larger amounts — like when purchasing property, upgrading equipment, etc.

Wire transfer advantages:
  • Save time.
  • Move money more efficiently and effectively.
  • Initiate domestic wire transfers right from your desktop.
  • Convenient - no need to visit a branch.

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Remote Deposit Capture

With Remote Deposit Capture, your business uses a scanner to quickly scan multiple checks and remotely deposit them into your account. The scanner is available for a monthly fee.

Remote Deposit Capture is different than Mobile Deposit, which is designed for those with lower volumes of check deposits.

Remote Deposit Capture advantages:

  • Easily accept, and deposit a high volume of checks.
  • Use your business' multi-feed scanner. (Please contact us to verify compatibility with our system.)

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Check Positive Pay

Unfortunately, fraud is always a concern for any business. With Check Positive Pay, you have a powerful tool to help prevent it. It works by using your uploaded company check register to compare checks issued with checks cleared. Any transaction that doesn't match is presented to you, so you can decide whether to pay it or return it.

Check Positive Pay featues:

  • Helps prevent fraud.
  • Lets you decide whether or not to pay checks that are in question.

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